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How to control Carpet Moths

What do the Case Making Carpet Moth look like ?

Case Making Carpet Moth (Tinea pellionella)

The adult case-making carpet moth has a wing span of 15 – 17 mm.The head is covered in spiky scales. The forewings are pale brownish-grey with vague dark spots. The forewing may have 3 or more dark spots. The hind wings are pale fringed with long hairs. Both wings are narrow. The adult does not feed on the carpet. The adult can fly. They are short-lived.

Treatment Method for Case Making Carpet Moth

This moth is highly destructive and often astounds the homeowner with the extent of damage caused.

The Case Bearing Carpet Moth will normally attack high wool content carpets although will not restrict itself to this food source, it can also feed on clothing and cereal products.

Generally, this moth can be found around the edges of the carpet and more particularly under furniture, even furniture that is directly onto the floor ie: with no legs

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The most effective method of treatment is to spray the affected carpeting with a water based insecticide such as Pro- Active C comes in a 1 litre ready to use trigger spray to kill moths or a Pro-Active C 5 litre container of moth killer. For a belt and braces job, you may widh to also lift the edges of affected carpet and spray the back of the carpet, as the casemaking clothes moth may chew the knots holding the pile onto the backing material or even feed on the backing material if it comprises of a natural fibre. You can also use a moth killer dust under the carpet and furniture such as, Pro-Active Dust (diatomaceaous earth). Pro-Active Dust is very long lasting if kept dry, up to ten years moth killing ability can be expected This dust is a natural product and therefore is very safe, although we suggest a mask when using, as it will dry the nasal passages rapidly if inhaled.

There are differing views as to what area you need to apply insecticide when dealing with Case Making Carpet Moth, generally, treatment around the edges of a room and under any furniture will suffice. By “edges of the room” we mean to treat a band approximately 500mm wide out from the skirtings. This treatment will last around 3 months, re-apply if necessary.

External walls are the most high risk area as the carpet abutting external walls is generally of a higher moisture content, which the moth prefer over a totally dry carpet!

Carpet Moth Treatment Pack 1

The Carpet Moth (tinnea pelliona) Pack contains all you need to control the Case Making Carpet Moth in a single room.


2 x 1litre Pro-Active C

2 x Insecto Pro Formula Foggers

Glove, mask and advice sheet.

Depending on the size of the room this pack will easily be sufficient to treat an average lounge against carpet moth or two smaller rooms such as bedrooms or dining rooms.View Product

Carpet Moth Treament Pack 2

Carpet Moth Pack 2 is siutable for the larger Case Bearing Carpet Moth problem.


1 x 5 Litre Pro-Active C spray to kill moths, with a hose and trigger spray

4 x Pro-Formula Foggers

4 x pairs disposable gloves. mask and advice sheet.

Should be enough in this pack to tackle most Carpet Moth outbreaks in the average sized house.View Product


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