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Mice are widespread throughout the UK and are usually more troublesome in autumn and early winter than at other times of year.

The reason there are more problems in the autumn is that field mice tend to look for places to overwinter, so rural properties will suffer more problems at this time of year as field mice converge on properties to gain winter protection.

In many cases, field mice have eaten sufficient food during the summer that they are able to overwinter in a roof void without need to feed. This can be an issue in that the mice are not easily attracted to mouse poison and may be difficult to control, as, even traps rely on food attractant to catch the mice. One of the most palatable mouse poisons on the market is this poison is cut wheat, which is highly attractive to mice, even overwintering field mice.

The common house mouse is around in built up areas all year round but even this mouse appears to become more of a problem in the autumn and winter months.